Welcome to Poll Week

November 03, 2020
By: The Bronco Nation

Polls are opening this week and if the result of that other poll gets you down, why not come and do some voting in the Bronco Nation forums? The stakes are as high as you make them and will only affect your wallet and how much space is left in your driveway.  

Last week we did a special forum event called Build and Price Week. We highlighted some featured user builds and encouraged you to share the builds that you’re toying with. This week we’ll be posting a poll each day regarding your builds. We can’t wait to see if any trim can match the dominance of Badlands in the enthusiast community, or if the Sasquatch package’s limiting of accessory options puts a dent in its adoption rate. 

It isn’t going to be scientific and the sample sizes might not be statistically significant but let’s have some fun. The polls will be in the Build and Price forum, so go vote! 

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