Bronco Off-Roadeo Texas Walk-Through Video

June 30, 2021
By: Laura Zielinski

The Texas Off-Roadeo location opened to customers on Monday, June 28. If you’re attending this location –– the other three open summer ’21 through early fall –– you might like to get a deeper feel for the agenda, the convenience of staying at the resort at Horseshoe Bay, and all of the off-road driving you will be doing.

It Begins

Starting even from the road, once you see the now well-known gate, you’ll feel your already-high excitement amp up. Roll through, but come back to snap a picture by it and share it with us! Use #broncooffroadeo and #offroadeotexas.

You’ll head right into the basecamp lodge to meet your group and trail guide. Every trail guide at Off-Roadeo is full of knowledge, tips, and lots of jokes. These are true Bronco fans and off-roaders. You’ll have a great time no matter who heads up your group!

After a short orientation, it’s time to drive. You’ll head over to the ORX course, a set of obstacles specifically designed to showcase the Bronco technology. You’ll practice water fording, stabilizer bar disconnect, Trail Control, Trail Turn Assist, and more.

Once you’re familiar with the Bronco, its cameras, and the hero switches, you can get out on the trails. Three professionally designed trails stretch for miles across the hilly, wooded, muddy, and rocky terrain. Choose a Bronco, hop in, adjust your seat and mirrors, dial in your G.O.A.T. mode, and you’re off. You’ll follow your guide Bronco for several hours, becoming familiar with which tech to try out when, and taking on some tough challenges.

The ride and handling course is also on the list of things to do. Push that gas pedal down a little harder than you did on the previous trails and watch the dust and mud fly. If you get your Bronco truly going but still crave more speed, Off-Roadeo is ready for you with the next item on the agenda. It’s time for the Fun-Haver course, this one designed with renowned racers Vaughn Gittin Jr. and Vaughn Healy. A pro driver will show off what the Bronco can do under their skills. Take in every second, because the approximately two-minute run will have you wishing for seconds. If you’re lucky, you just might get that!


Watch the full video to see Bronco Nation’s Jordan take you through more of your time at the event, and once you’re there in Texas, prepare for a smile to never leave your face.

Learn more about or sign up for an Off-Roadeo.

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