Overlanding Across the Continental Divide

November 05, 2020
By: Mitch Creel

Mitch Creel

At Bronco Nation, overcoming the forces of nature is in our DNA. This craving for adventure has driven mankind to seek out and conquer some of nature’s toughest obstacles. A few weeks ago, with this unquenchable desire raging through our system, Bronco Nation assembled a small group of die-hard Bronco enthusiasts to seek out an adventure. But what is the definition of adventure? An adventure is “an unusual or exciting, typically hazardous, experience or activity.” If you already watched the video of our trip, I think it is fair to say we went on an “adventure.” This trip was a journey through some of the toughest terrain that Colorado has to offer. Believe it or not, snowy inclines, cold temperatures and 50 year old trucks make for one epic adventure. But the real question is: why do it?

Since the dawn of time, humanity has struggled to survive against the forces of nature, working tirelessly to harness the earth’s resources to pave a smoother road into the future. From horses and wagons to the automobiles and planes of today, mankind has taken great strides to make travel a more leisurely and efficient practice. While there have been great benefits in our exploits to conquer nature, our society seems to have barricaded itself and become disconnected from the world around us. We have grown unaccustomed to the harsh realities of “The Wild.”

While this may be the case in our culture today, there are still those out there who wish to tackle nature’s harshest environments. At Bronco Nation, the bond between man and nature is a key element integrated into the core of who we are. Bronco Nation was built on the backbone of men and women who were not afraid to face the rugged forces of nature. It was built with the same spirit that sent explorers riding horses into the unconquered frontiers of early America. While we may not ride bareback into the unknown, we do still cling to the poetic relationship between a man and his horse.

For over fifty years, our steed of choice has been the Ford Bronco. The Bronco has always been known for its ability to take on the wild. It was built for the sole purpose of traveling off the beaten path. Members of Bronco Nation have been affirming this idea long before it ever trickled into the mainstream culture. And while some may try to take credit for the rebirth of the Bronco, it is people like the ones who undertook this journey that have kept the spirit of the Bronco alive.

With that said, why say any of it at all? Why not just tell the story in chronological order, list the facts, and layout the key points that made the trip so special? For starters, the video serves the purpose of telling the bulk of the story. Since there is no need to be repetitive, the next intention for the intro was for it to serve as a grounding block for what made this trip so unique, and yet so common at the same time. It is unique because nature is uncontrollable. Every trip will be different; therefore, every story will be different. But it is common because of the community of people who share the same passions for conquering the great outdoors.

Many of you have similar stories, and yet every story will differ dramatically. Similar to the fact that every Bronco is different and unique, every Bronco story is also different and unique; however, they all share the same theme. Whether your story involves tackling some of the most rugged terrain in America, or tackling some of the most intricate mechanical and fabrication projects to build the vehicle of your dreams, every story involves some degree of adventure which again, is “an unusual or exciting, typically hazardous, experience or activity.”

While our adventure involved steep climbs, snow-covered trails, cold nights, mechanical problems (all “hazardous” activities), it also included some of the most spectacular scenery, some of the friendliest people, and some of the greatest moments that made this trip what it was. We encourage those of you who have not taken on the wild in this fashion to do so. It will be one of the most memorable journeys of your life. If you were to ask anyone who went on this trip, I don’t think anybody would change a thing… aside from bringing some better sleeping bags. Maybe that’s just me, but all things considered, the trip was a success! Although the tough times came and went throughout the trip, our group ended its journey in Moab, Utah with stories to tell for many years. Lifetime friendships have been set in stone, and we can’t wait for the next adventure!

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