Member Feature Profile: Round-Ups and the Member Map

October 31, 2020
By: The Bronco Nation

From city, country, to the wild, Bronco Nation is built to connect you to our diverse community from wherever you call home. There’s so much to do online, but sometimes there’s no substitute for logging off and kicking the tires in person. Relationships built around the Bronco can be as durable as the vehicle that inspired them, and with a few members-only features we hope to make those connections effortless. Check out these walk-through videos to get the most out of these exclusive features.

First is Round-Up, our meet-up and adventure planning and promotion tool. Round-Up was created with off-road adventure travel in mind and allows you to easily publish trail ride details, RSVP to events, and specify required equipment for particularly difficult excursions. If you’d like to put together something more laid back, you can also use it for simple meetups for some coffee and Broncos. Every round up automatically creates a dedicated forum thread so communicating with organizers and attendees is seamless. You can also create invites to an event and send them to all registered users and members within a specified round-up radius.

For more on Round-Up check out our walk-through video.

We’ve also got the Member Map. If you’re looking for a part for your Bronco project or inspiration for the next awesome thing to do in your rig, the Member Map can help you out. You can see where members and registered users are located based on the location in their profile, message them from the Map, and send out a call to users within a specified radius.

Points of interest help you find trails, medical facilities, campsites, ranger stations and more. And if you know of an awesome point of interest that isn’t on the map, you can add it so the rest of the Bronco community can enjoy it too.

For more on the Member Map check out this walk-through video.

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