Bronco @ Easter Jeep Safari?

February 19, 2021
By: Dusty Rhodes

By: Dusty Rhodes

With news that the Easter Jeep Safari will resume March 27-April 4, many in the community have asked whether or not Ford will participate with the new Bronco. Originally started by members of the Chamber of Commerce in 1967, and now organized since the 1980’s by the Red Rock 4-Wheelers, the Safari has become a major event for accessory suppliers and manufacture to debut new products. In fact, as reported by Motorauthority earlier this month, Jeep is expected to reveal an electrified Wrangler Concept at this years event.

Despite restrictions on attendance and vendor participation, this year’s event is expected to be well attended given last year’s cancellation for the first time in 52 years. All this coupled with the upcoming launch of the 2021 Bronco heightens the focus on whether Ford will be in attendance.

When asked if the Ford Bronco brand will participate in the off-road gathering, Jiyan Cadiz, North American Icon Communications Manager said, “with so much excitement from the off-road community just days ago at KoH (King of Hammers), we are looking at several opportunities to safely and authentically connect to more enthusiasts, as well as our new Bronco Sport customers and Bronco reservation holders.”

Ford confirmed earlier this year that Moab will be one of the four “Off-Roadeo” locations where new Bronco owners can participate in a bespoke, “off-road adventure playground”.  This move hints at the realization by Ford that Moab is to off-roaders what Sturgis is bikers and Harley-Davidson.

Rumors of additional Bronco derivatives has run rampant since the product was revealed last year. Most recently, pictures of the Warthog testing have surfaced on popular enthusiasts sites like Bronco6g adding to the excitement and speculation.  Earlier in the month enthusiasts got a glimpse of a Bronco that appeared to be equipped with 37” tires and aftermarket parts at KoH.  These examples and more could indicate some of the weapons Ford has in their arsenal should they decide to participate in this year’s Easter Jeep Safari.

Head over to the forums and let us know if you think Ford should crash Jeep’s party.

Should the new Ford Bronco make an appearance at the Easter Jeep Safari?

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