2021 Ford Bronco Black Diamond Walk-Around Video

April 22, 2021
By: Laura Zielinski

By @Laura #1976

Is there anything more impressive than a Bronco tearing around in a pasture? Not according to Cyber Orange Black Diamond in the start of this walk around. Whew, what a great sight.

Jordan takes Bronco Nation and the Bronco community through this 2-door Sasquatched Bronco with the Bestop Fastback soft top, from outside to in. He starts with the Carbonized Gray grille, LED headlights, and standard heavy modular front bumper and full-vehicle steel bash plates. This CO Black Diamond also has the rock rails.

With the Sasquatch package, you get the 4.7 rear axle ratio. You also get the wider removable fender flares, 35” tires, and 17” beadlock-capable wheels.

Cowl-mounted mirrors are standard on all Broncos, but this model has the blind spot monitoring information system. The intelligent keyless access (with the key in your hand, bag, or pocket) lets you unlock your doors and tailgate just by touching the handles.

The rear of the Bronco showcases the standard halogen-style taillamps with C-clamp design. Cargo space on the 2-door is limited but still doable for a good assortment of adventures and their respectable gear. Many Bronco owners are already planning racks, mounts, and platforms to maximize what they’ll have. With the seats down, you’ll gain even more space, of course, even though it doesn’t turn into a load-flat floor. The seats fold down easily by flipping the headrests down, pulling the seat cushion, and lowering the backs.

Speakers on the rear pillar maximize the surround sound effect of the system, and cargo lights and a 12 volt outlet will serve owners well. An accessory-ready panel lines the 150-degree swing-out tailgate.

The rear seats are roomy in leg space and sit high to give passengers a clear view of the road or trail. Headroom doesn’t seem to be a problem for even the taller-than-average folks. The Marine Grade Vinyl is comfortable and deals with liquid well (as do the washout floors). All MGV seats, even in the Badlands, are manual, to avoid electrical components damage. However, this Bronco does have heated seats.

This Black Diamond has the G.O.A.T. modes of Normal, Eco, Sand, Sport, Slippery, Mud/Ruts, and Rock Crawling. You can get your Black Diamond with either the 2.3 or 2.7L engine.

On the dash, you have the option to install a BYOD rail, as well as the applicable buttons for this model: front and rear lockers, Trail Turn Assist, traction control off, and hazards. Black Diamond’s biggest screen is 8”, so if you want the 12” screen, you’ll have to go with a different trim level entirely. Moving right up to the ceiling, you have the six auxiliary switches.

These were the overviews, so make sure you watch the video for all the additional details that are important to you!

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