Your 2021 Ford Bronco Order Is In. Now What?

February 02, 2021
By: The Bronco Nation

So, after months (years!) of waiting, anticipation and staring at the forums — you finally turned in the order for your Bronco. No question, this has been one crazy emotional rollercoaster. You were there for the launch, nearly cried when you heard the term Sasquatch Package for the first time, and witnessed Build and Price being announced, delayed, and finally released…to less than universal acclaim. Then, of course, came the production delay email. Suddenly, it seemed like your Bronco day would never come. Especially since that’s what nay-sayers on other Bronco forums kept saying. And sadly, you maybe started to believe them.

But today is different.

TODAYyou have the delivery roadmap. Today, you have the final order guide. And today… you have put in your order for that big bad Bronco you’ve been dreaming about.

Now what?

Well never fear, Bronco believer. You are one step closer to that sweet ride. Until then, we’re here for you. We’ve created this Wait Management Strategy Guide with tips to help you get through the long months between now and delivery day. From places to go, people to see and important things to know, we’ve got you covered.

Wait Management Strategy 1: Stay in Touch with Your Dealer

The conversation with your dealer doesn’t end the day your order is placed. You guys are a team in making this Bronco vision come to life. They’ve been with you throughout this process and remain a key player in getting that vehicle delivered just the way you want it. Definitely stay in touch. They’re a great source for questions, concerns and maybe even a status update.


One key piece of info your dealer can hook you up with is a delivery estimate. If you get your order in by March 19th, Ford is planning to send a delivery estimate to you in May. Ford is providing an estimated allocation to dealers and the timestamps of all their reservation holders, so your dealer should have an estimate of when you will get your Bronco. They can also help you edit your order. In the off chance you made a mistake or suddenly change your mind about something, contact your dealer ASAP to get it right. Bronco orders can be edited by your dealer until they are scheduled. Your vehicle delivery date MAY be affected, depending on what changes you make. But hey, at least you’ll get exactly the Bronco you want.

Wait Management Strategy 2: Plan or Attend a Bronco Event

One central principle of the Nation is that Broncos are best enjoyed together. With family, friends, and other Bronco enthusiasts you’ve met along the way. Not to get all soft and sentimental, but there’s just something special about being with others who have that same Bronco love as you. As a member of Bronco Nation, you’ve got so many opportunities to connect with other fans. Meet up while you wait for your Bronco or start mapping out plans now, so you’re ready to hit the road as soon as it arrives.


The best place to start when you want to get out among the Nation is the Bronco Nation Calendar. This calendar is continuously updated, so bookmark this page and keep watching for more events to hit up. Want to plan your own event or link up with other Bronco fans? A Bronco Round-Up is where it’s at. From an overland trip or trail clean-up to reoccurring local meetups, you plan it…and we’ll help spread the word to the Nation. One upcoming event you may want to join us at is Bronco Super Celebration East. The largest Bronco community event in the US, it’s the ultimate Bronco gathering and a great way to get you even more fired up about your new vehicle. This event is produced by Bronco Driver Magazine and is happening April 21-24 in Townsend, TN near the Smokies. Get more details here.

Wait Management Strategy 3: Check Out an FCTP Bronco

Another way to satisfy your Bronco urge? Find a dealer who is part of the Bronco FCTP — the Ford Courtesy Transportation Program. Ford dealers will have the option to enroll in this program and purchase up to two Bronco vehicles that fired up fans like us can see, touch and maybe even drive as a loaner if our current Ford is in for service. In a perfect world, every dealer would be enrolled and we’d all be able to get behind the wheel of a Bronco for a few. Of course, we know that’s not the case. Whether one of these FCTP Broncos will be near you depends on a few factors.


Wait Management Strategy 4: Plan an Epic Adventure

Let’s be honest, there is nothing, NOTHING, like a great road trip. Two days or two weeks, hitting the slopes or taking on trails…road trips are the best. And it’s never too early to plan your first big Bronco adventure. Check out the Bronco Nation calendar to see what’s ahead. Get inspiration for your adventure by talking to other Bronco fans and experts in our Trails & Trips forum. And don’t forget to always check our interactive Member Map for trails, parks and points of interest that been shared by Bronco fans all over the country.


Start planning today, so you’re ready to go as soon as that new Bronco arrives. One great trip to consider is Bronco Super Celebration West, September 8-11 in Buena Vista, CO. The ideal place to put your new Bronco to the test, this annual event features guided trail rides, family activities, the BroncOlympics, and much more. See Bronco Driver Magazine for more details. Now, if you really love an adrenaline rush and want to see how far you can push your Bronco, take an overland adventure. Steep climbs. Snow-covered trails. Spectacular scenery. It’s a one-of-a-kind experience you’ll never forget. Check out this epic 400-mile journey that some die-hard Bronco enthusiasts took, and then take on the wild by planning a trip for yourself!

Wait Management Strategy 5: Get Geared Up

Another great way to pass the time while waiting for our Bronco? Shopping. And I’m not talking about more TP and hand sanitizer, people. I’m talking vehicle accessories. Exclusive Bronco Nation merch. Camping gear. Safety essentials. And more.


We all know even a base Bronco model is anything but basic. But that doesn’t mean we can’t (and shouldn’t!) take it up a notch or two or three. Am I right? With an extensive Bronco accessories catalogue featuring over 280 items, you can select everything from tires and roof racks to Bronco-branded hitch plugs. If it’s Bronco Nation Gear you want, look no further than our online store. Shop today and stock up on hats, tees, patches, mugs, decals and more, including some member-exclusive items that can be personalized. And when it comes to essentials we all need when we hit the trail, our friends at Overland Bound Gear have a great selection of quality gear to help you along in your adventure travels.


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