Sound Deadening Headliner is Now Standard for All MIC Tops on Bronco

March 19, 2021
By: The Bronco Nation

Ford announced to dealers today that the sound deadening headliner option for the 2021 Bronco will now be standard on Mold in Color (MIC) hard tops that are matched with cloth or leather interiors, and it will be a no-cost option on MICs that are paired with Marine Grade Vinyl (MGV) interiors. Bottom line, no one will be paying extra for the sound deadening headliner.  

We suspect that the reason for making the headliner optional on MGV interiors is that those interiors are focused on water resistanceThe headliner was first shown off in the Bronco Nation forums here. The fuzzy, carpet-like material that is adhered to the roof is designed to reduce cabin noise and was a $495 dollar option on both 2-Door and 4-Door Broncos. For those concerned about headroom in Broncos with MIC tops, the headliner is quite thin and the effect on headroom is extremely small.  

This change also applies to builds that didn’t have access to the sound deadening headliner before. For example, a 4-Door Badlands with a 2.7L engine wasn’t able to be optioned with the headliner due to constraints in Ford’s ordering and production planning systems. Now, the option is just a part of the MIC top on most trims and will be able to be added to any build regardless of other options. 

Ford 2021 Bronco Sound Deadening Headliner Roof Panels

Ford 2021 Bronco Sound Deadening Headliner Roof Panels

Ford 2021 Bronco Sound Deadening Headliner Roof Panels

Ford 2021 Bronco Sound Deadening Headliner Latch Close Up

Ford 2021 Bronco Sound Deadening Headliner Close Up

To: Dealership Personnel

Subject: Bronco Production Update | Sound Deadening Headliner

Next week we will be sending a communication to all Bronco order holders outlining a production change for the 2021MY Bronco. The Sound Deadening Headliner is now available across the entire 2021 Model Year Bronco hard top model lineup regardless of selected options for no charge ($495 value). The addition of the sound deadening headliner improves overall appearance while reducing interior cabin noise.

  • Vehicles equipped with a cloth or leather interior will receive the headliner as standard
  • Vehicles equipped with the Marine Grade Vinyl interior will have the option to add in the headliner – some customers will want the function to easily wash off their roof panels.
  • Pricing: if a customer’s vehicle is equipped with the sound deadening headliner, their price will be reduced by $495 MSRP

Impacts to Dealership Orders in WBDO

Today you will start seeing the content change reflected in the Bronco Price wire, WBDO, and your customers’ orders. This update could take several days and will not adjust all orders at once. Order guide updates will follow shortly.

  • For existing orders with the NVH headliner, the price will be reduced by $495.
  • For orders with cloth and leather seats and no NVH headliner, the order will automatically receive a headliner and receive no pricing change
  • For Marine Grade Vinyl orders without the NVH headliner, nothing will change.


Dealer Action Required

No action is required at this time. When the Bronco Order Holder communication is sent next week, week of March 22, we will provide reporting that highlights orders that are impacted by this announcement and the required next steps.

  • NOTE: For customer conversions happening today and beyond ensure you are offering them the Sound Deadening Headliner at no additional charge ($495 value) for those who select the Marine Grade Vinyl option

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