Shelby Hall Takes A 2021 Bronco On The Trail At Super Celebration East

April 26, 2021
By: @Laura #1976

Super Celebration (East) 2021 brought in an impressive array of early generation Broncos for attendees to enjoy –– and Ford Motor Company brought nearly 20 of the new Broncos and 8 Sports for all to experience in a hands-on way.

One of the greatest benefits to attending the event was the drives attendees could take the Sport on and the trail rides in the 2021 Broncos given by Ford performance drivers. Shelby Hall, off-road racer, took Bronco Nation out in a 4-door Oxford White Bronco Badlands 2.3L to see the technology firsthand.

The Sasquatch and Lux packaged Badlands Shelby was driving had the factory soft top, and Jordan clocked the highway decibels inside the cabin at 66 going 45 mph.

Shelby’s typical terrain to run in is sandy, rocky desert, but in the wooded mountains of Tennessee, she got to put the Mud/Ruts G.O.A.T. mode to use. Immediately upon hitting the trail, Shelby switched into it.

Jordan and I both agreed that the Bronco’s torque and suspension shone on unimproved roads. The IFS ride was incredibly smooth –– solid-axle users might be shocked by how much so.

Next, for a rock scree ascent, Shelby shifted into neutral and toggled into Rock Crawl mode. After the tight turn on, she locked the front differential.

The third mode used was Slippery. The 4 Automatic range provides benefits similar to all-wheel drive.

The star technology of this video may just be what comes next: Trail Turn Assist. Shelby put it into 4 Low, engaged the front locker, and turned on Trail Turn Assist, which you can have on while moving forward. With this feature, the tight switchback on the trail was completed in one really easy maneuver.

For a slippery and steep hill descent (17-18%), Shelby showed us Trail Control. She set the desired speed, and the tech keeps the vehicle from preventing momentum from taking over when the driver lets off the brakes.

Outdoor activity speaks to a lot of us, and off-roading is a fun hobby for many reasons. Watch this video to see with your own eyes and hear with your own ears why Shelby feels the 2021 Bronco IS the adventure you’ll want in your life.

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