Order Banks Open Q&A

January 22, 2021
By: The Bronco Nation

Bronco ordering has opened but we’ve heard some more questions that need to be answered. We’ve talked with Tim Son Hing from the Bronco Marketing Team and here are some answers straight from the source. If you have any other questions about Bronco ordering and delivery, let us know here.

  • My dealer has more reservations than 21MY allocation, should I try and switch dealers?
    • With over 190000 reservations we expect to have more orders than we will be able to produce in the 21MY or 21CY. It’s important to understand that 21MY is only 6-7 months, so the change to 22MY happens in December, near the end of this calendar year. We encourage customers to check with their Dealer to understand where their time stamp is relative to the Dealer’s allocation.
  • How will I know if my expected Bronco Delivery timing will work for my current situation?
    • Ford suggests customers talk with their dealers before they convert their reservation to an order to understand their Dealers estimated allocation and what number is their time stamp at the Dealer. Additionally, Ford will be providing a delivery window, based on your specification, to every reservation holder who converts in May. This will allow you to plan for your Bronco delivery. 
  • How/when will I know that my Bronco order will be a 22MY?
    • In May 2021 customers will receive details about their estimated delivery timing. This will give customers an indication if their order will be built as a 21MY however until it is scheduled there is not 100% certainty. Based on significant demand and expected order conversion rates it is anticipated approximately half of customers will get a 22MY Bronco. 
  • How will 22MY Broncos be distributed to reservation holders?
    • 22MY distribution has not been finalized at this point, but we plan to prioritize 21MY overflow orders based on reservation timestamp. We plan to release new exterior colors, roof options and special editions in ’22. 
  • What if I just want to wait until the ’22 MY for my Bronco?
    • Do not convert your reservation to an order at this time and let your dealer know that you would prefer to wait and to include you on their list for the ’22 MY Bronco. Note that any customer that does not convert their reservation to an order will not receive an estimated delivery window in May. 
  • What is the significance of the March 19 cutoff date?
    • Reservation holders should work to get their order in with their dealer by March 19. Customers who miss this cutoff date will not be eligible to have their order scheduled in the first quarter of production and will have to wait until August at the earliest to have their Bronco produced. Customers who miss this cutoff also may not receive an estimated delivery date for their vehicle in May like those who have placed an order. 
  • I want my Bronco as soon as possible, what should I do?
    • Work with your dealer to identify the most quickly buildable combination Bronco based on your reservation timestamp. 
  • What if I want to change my order?
    • You are free to change you order prior to order scheduling. Depending on what options you change, your estimated delivery timing could be moved up or delayed along with a change in pricing. 
  • Does placing my order in March vs. January affect when my Bronco gets built?
    • No, as long as you get your order in by March 19, when you place your order will not affect when your truck gets built. It’s build order will be determined by your reservation time stamp, dealer allocation, and the features you select on your vehicle. 
  • When will late availability items like the black painted roof, dual top and black first edition interior be available?
    • You will be able to place orders for these late availability items when the order banks open on January 19. These vehicles will not arrive at dealerships until late summer 2021 at the earliest. All First Editions will be built in the 2021 MY. 
  • I’ve read that some options will delay delivery of my vehicle, why is that?
    • Due to overwhelming demand and a short first model year, we anticipate ordering the options below could lead to extended wait times. Actual timing will depend on final order quantities, reservation timestamp, and their selected dealer’s allocation. We will communicate customers’ estimated delivery window in May 2021 after reservation to order conversion is complete.
      • 2.7-liter EcoBoost® Engine
      • Sasquatch Package
      • Wildtrak (because of standard Sasquatch)
      • 2-Door
      • Lux Package
      • Hard Top

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