More Bronco Modularity: Fenders and Grilles

March 02, 2021
By: The Bronco Nation

Ford is talking about the 2021 Bronco’s modularity again. A few select builders have been given a chance to see just how customizable Bronco can be. We saw this demonstrated before with Ford’s SEMA Bronco build, but now for the first time third parties get a chance to play with Ford’s new open air 4×4. The results speak for themselves.

Bronco has a history of modularity and customization. If you walk down the line at a Bronco event like Super Celebration East, it can be hard to find two Broncos that look similar. As Todd Zuercher, Bronco historian and author of Ford Bronco: A History of Ford’s Legendary 4×4, told Bronco Nation, “The original Bronco was of very simple construction and people with little to no mechanical skills could do a lot to make the vehicle their own.” While the 2021 Bronco is a touch more sophisticated, in a technical sense, than the original, it is still packing tremendous customization potential, even for those who are new to wrenching.

As we saw in Ford’s SEMA build, nearly every visible component of the new Bronco can be removed and customized with relative ease. Beyond the obvious things like wheels and tires, you can switch out body panels, grilles, doors, tops, and bumpers. All this, without having to break out a reciprocating saw. On the interior, the modularity continues, as grab handles can be exchanged, accessory switches can be equipped on any 2021 Bronco, and more.

Ford is very invested in giving new Bronco owners the taste for customization. As we noted in our forum post from King of the Hammers, all Broncos come with the basic tools that you need to take advantage of many of these modular features. Let’s hope, within a few years, we’ll be walking down lines of Gen 6 Broncos at our events and no two look the same.

Here at Bronco Nation, we’ve had a chance to play with several of the more visibly modular pieces of the Bronco. We’ve already taken you through how to remove the soft top and hard tops, removing the doors, and some of the modularity of the optional steel bumper. Now we’re diving into fender and grilles. Enjoy as Jon shows how you can get the most out of your Bronco…once it’s been delivered.

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