Moab Bronco Ride-along Highlights With Brad Lovell

April 16, 2021
By: Laura Zielinski

By @Laura #1976

Brad Lovell, professional racer and off-roader, has been attending Easter Jeep Safari for 20 years. He always enjoys it, but as a long-time Bronco owner and fan, this year was a real treat for him, with the vehicle’s return to the front of the pack.

His purpose for the week? To get as many people out in a Bronco as possible, enjoying the dunes, trails, and sand washes. The 2021 Bronco has been designed and engineered to go up against any trail and succeed, from the Rubicon Trail in California to all the areas of Moab including Behind the Rocks, the Hot Tubs of Hells Revenge, Golden Crack, and the Escalator.

And as impressive as the vehicle’s mastering of those difficult obstacles is, one area established off-roaders are continually astonished by is the smoothness of its ride on choppy rock. Enjoy watching Brad take the Bronco out into the desert, Shelby Hall trying out 1-Pedal drive, and three Broncos executing a flawless Trail Turn Assist.

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