In the News: the Ford Bronco Raptor

May 27, 2021
By: The Bronco Nation

Call it what you will for now –– the Ford Bronco Warthog or the Ford Bronco Raptor –– but the flexibility to do so seems to be coming to an end. Stories have been breaking on the final direction of high-performance vehicle’s name.

Ford Authority has been one of the most outspoken outlets, giving the community multiple stories on the Raptor name, sightings, and even details about the camouflaging.

People are on the fence about which naming version they prefer –– many offering horse-related names like “Stallion” and “Warhorse” to keep it in line with the Bronco brand. Others are partial to the Warthog name because they associate it with the toughness, thanks to years spent playing “Halo.”

Still, most concede that it makes sense for Ford to build off the Raptor equity, a name in play since the release of the 2010 F-150, and others, like Motor1, are ready to put the name aside and focus on the spy photos.

Right now, more in the Bronco Nation seem to be concerned with “scheduled for production” emails than a future Ford development, but if you’d like to join in on the speculation, you can find posts in the forum! @RynoRSU’s take? The placeholder names are never as good as the one chosen.

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