Gift Bags That Give More.

November 25, 2020
By: The Bronco Nation

How Bronco Nation does the holidays.

For many, wrapping gifts can be the most stressful part of the holiday season. In our mission to achieve those crisp corners and clean lines, we tackle mountains of bows, endure countless papercuts, and battle gifts that aren’t perfectly square or rectangular. An effort that sends many of us running to the gift bag aisle.

But what if we want more out of a gift bag this holiday season? An option that looks great (even propped up next to the Pinterest-worthy showstoppers under the tree or at the table), fit gifts of various shapes and sizes, is simple and quick to wrap on-the-go, doesn’t require “borrowing a finger” to tie a bow and best yet…is reusable for years after the Scotch tape has lost its stick.

Enter the Bronco Nation Burlap Gift Bag…

Each bag is hand sewn and assembled in Detroit from the same durable burlap material that was used in the construction of early Bronco bucket seats and fastened with a cotton twill tie for easy “wrapping.” Write a message on the included gift tag and you’re good-to-go for every Bronco enthusiast on your list.

We made this durable, sustainable and stylish gift bag in two sizes for easily wrapping your purchases from the Bronco Nation Gear Shop as well as other items (see note about unruly, non-rectangular gifts above).

Small: 5”x5” great for patches and stickers

Large: 11”x17” perfect for trail caps, shirts and knit beanies

Let’s talk about what’s next for these fun, reusable gift bags. Instead of being shoveled into trash bags with the torn tissue, ripped ribbons and wrapping paper, our burlap gift bags live on to see the next adventure. We’ve collected our top-3 ideas for ways to use these Bronco Nation Burlap Gift Bags after the holidays, and we can’t wait to see what else the Bronco Nation comes up with!

  • Cord keeper – tuck loose headphones, chargers and adapters into your small burlap gift bag and cinch it tight to keep your gear bag organized and you connected on the trail. Loop the twill tie through your carabiner for easy access!
  • Meter minder – collect loose change from cupholders, pockets and seat cushions into the small burlap gift bag and keep it in your Bronco, because you should see the open road through your windshield, not parking tickets.
  • Packing “Cube” – our large burlap gift bag is great for protecting your gear from muddy shoes, separating dirty clothes while on the road, organizing toiletries and more. The natural burlap material brings a little piece of Bronco heritage with you while keeping your gear adventure ready.

Whether you’re browsing Bronco Nation gear for your holiday shopping list or just looking for a sustainable, unique and reusable alternative to gift wrap, you can pick up our burlap gift bags for $5 each in the Bronco Nation Gear Shop starting today! Each bag comes with complete with bag, tie and gift tag.


Did you receive a Bronco Nation Burlap Gift Bag this holiday season? Share how you are using it with us on Instagram! @thebronconation #BroncoBurlap

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