Get Ready To Round-Up

March 22, 2021
By: The Bronco Nation

Maybe it’s regular morning meet-ups. Trips to take on the trails. Or the ultimate overlanding adventure. Whatever the reason and wherever it takes place — these are just some of the ways that Bronco fans across the US are coming together. Sure, members of the Nation connect online every day in the forums…but there is nothing like going off-line and meeting up in-person.

Here at Bronco Nation, we call that a Round-Up.

Round-Up is an exclusive membership benefit that allows members of the Nation to create and host Bronco events. A central principle of the Bronco Nation is that Broncos are best enjoyed together — with family, friends, and other Bronco enthusiasts. Round-Up is our planning and promotion tool that helps make that happen. As a member of the Nation, you have the exclusive opportunity to participate in and RSVP to scheduled Bronco Round-Up events, or create your own to host. You can search for scheduled Round-Ups on the event calendar, or look for trail-cleanups, training events, local meet-ups, and more through the Member Map.

This Member Map tool makes the “Round-Up Set-Up” easy. You simply fill in your event details, and Bronco Nation will automatically create an “announcement” page for you to share with the Nation. We will also begin a forum thread in the “Events” section to enable you to communicate more event info to attendees, and automatically generate and send member invites based on your event location. When it comes to creating your events, they can be single or reoccurring, public or private. And on your event page, it’s important to include details — such as difficulty level, rig equipment recommendations, RSVP/rig limits and terrain type — to help people determine if the event is right for them and their Bronco. Learn more about creating a Round-Up.

No Bronco? No Problem.

Even if you’re still waiting for your Bronco to be built, Round-Up events are a great thing to add to your calendars. Not all Round-Ups involve a major off-road ride that requires a Bronco with 4×4 capabilities. Some of these events are just great opportunities to meet other members of the Bronco Nation community and get more fired up about living the Bronco life. You can put faces to some of the names you’ve seen in the forums, and share ideas about how best to enjoy your Bronco’s full potential when it arrives. You can meet other community members and:

  • Discuss where to go with your Bronco — get park and trail suggestions
  • Share experiences from road trips or different Round-Up events
  • Exchange tips about everything from types of terrain to packing
  • Get recommendations for Bronco accessories or types of gear they use

Ramp Up Your Round-Up with the Member Map and Forum.

Whether you’re planning an event or looking for one to attend, the Member Map and Forum are both great ways to take your Round-Up adventures to the next level. Each offers benefits to Bronco Nation members wanting to make community events a part of their Bronco ownership experience.

The Member Map. An exclusive membership feature, the Bronco Nation Member Map can be a very valuable tool when it comes to Round-Ups. It allows you to find Bronco communities, trails and parks, and points of interest all over the country (to search for potential events or find locales to host your own), and helps promote your event to other members.

  • When you’re looking for events to attend, visit the Member Map and look for Round–Up icons. These are member-hosted Bronco events. To get more information about a particular event, click the icon and it will link you to Round-Up details.
  • When you want to plan an event, you can search the map to see where members and registered users are located based on their profile, message them from the map, and send out a call to users within a specified radius. And once you create your event, a Round-Up icon will automatically be placed on the map for all other members to see.

And if you know an awesome point of interest that isn’t on the map, you can add it so the rest of the Nation can enjoy it too, or inspire others to use it for a future Round-Up site. To learn more about how to best utilize the Member Map, check out this walk-through video.

The Member Forum. It’s the ultimate place to connect with Bronco Nation members, and a key spot to communicate details of Round-Up events. Once a Round-Up is created, an event announcement is added on the website. This is how other Bronco Nation Members will find your event and get detailed information.

  • When you create a Round-Up event, a thread is automatically created in the Bronco Nation Events forum, making communication between you and attendees seamless.
  • Within the thread, there is a summary post by you, with event details. There is also a link to the main event announcement so people can RSVP.
  • The posts in the forum thread and the posts on the Round-Up announcement page are synced, so they will be the same no matter where you post. This ensures accurate details are shared in both places, so attendees get the latest wherever they look.

The forum is the place for attendees to chat about events together, ask questions/request more event details beforehand, and for organizers to provide event updates as needed.

Round-Ups Coming Up.

There are new Round-Ups added to the calendar all of the time. So be sure to keep checking that for events near you, or find one that gives you the perfect excuse to take a fun road trip. Or… look for an opening on the calendar to create your own Round-Up. There are two big events happening in April that you really might want to consider. One is a first-time meet-up, and the other is the largest Bronco community event of the year.

Mid-South Bronco Stampede

Heber Springs, Arkansas

April 2 – April 3, 2021

This is a first-time meet and greet for any and all Ford Bronco owners. Happening along the shore of Greers Ferry Lake, this two-day event features multiple rides (all pavement) throughout the region, including the lake and the mountains. There will be plenty of opportunities to mix and mingle with other Bronco owners, and a local Ford dealer will be onsite with a new Bronco Sport Badlands Edition and will be providing dinner Saturday evening. The event caps off with a live musical performance. Check out the Round-Up page to get more details or RSVP to this event.


Bronco Super Celebration (East)

Townsend, Tennessee

April 21– April 24, 2021

Produced by Bronco Driver Magazine, Super Celebration is the central event on the Bronco calendar every year — bringing fans from all over together in the beautiful Smoky Mountains to celebrate the legendary 4×4. Bronco Nation is proud to be a sponsor of the largest Bronco community event in the US, and we’ll be there with a full schedule of activities. There’s no fee to join us in Townsend, where you can meet up with fellow members of the Nation, shop for Bronco gear or accessories, or just walk around the field full of Broncos. View a complete event schedule or get additional information — like planned scenic rides or lodging recommendations — on the event Round-Up page.

Get out there among the Nation and plan or attend a Round-Up.  Don’t forget, events are added all of the time. So keep an eye on the Round-Up events page for the latest scoop on where and when the Bronco community is getting together. Want to learn more about how to Round-Up? Check out this quick overview video.

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