From the Bronco Nation Forums: Facts about Crawler Gear

December 08, 2020
By: The Bronco Nation

From time to time we like to highlight some of the information that Bronco Nation staff shares in our forums. Last Friday, we published some facts about using the Crawler Gear on the manual transmission available in the 2021 Ford Bronco. Enjoy the knowledge.

Facts about the Bronco Crawler Gear

Sometimes you want to go slow. Very slow. For those times, 2021 Ford Broncos with manual transmissions have the Crawler Gear. It allows you to cruise at ultra-low speeds with the clutch fully engaged, when driving through rough terrain. Here’s some facts about the Bronco Crawler Gear.

  • To shift into Crawler Gear, press the clutch pedal to the floor, raise the collar below the gearshift knob up, and move the gear lever fully left and then backwards. (See Figure 1)
  • If the Crawler Gear is not fully engaged, you should press the clutch pedal down and return the gear shift to the neutral position. Release the clutch pedal for a moment, then raise the collar and shift to Crawler Gear again.
  • In normal use, the Bronco should be stationary before selecting Crawler Gear since it is primarily a starting gear.
  • If you shift down to Crawler Gear while the Bronco is moving, ensure that the engine speed is below 1500 rpm and that the clutch pedal is fully depressed for a smooth transition.
  • In general, you should refrain from using Crawler Gear at high engine speeds as transmission damage could result.

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