FordPass Rewards – What Every Bronco Owner Needs to Know

May 27, 2021
By: Dusty Rhodes

The FordPass Rewards program launched in 2019, and it allows owners to accumulate points, sort of like airline frequent-flyer miles. These points act as a form of currency that can be used to pay for services, accessories and parts, and even a new car. Anyone who bought a new car after April 2, 2019 automatically received 42,000 points in their FordPass Rewards account –– provided you download the FordPass smartphone app and connect it to a qualifying new vehicle.  At the time of launch in 2019, the 42,000 points were valued at about $210 –– which is enough for three oil and air filter changes, according to Ford.

2021 Bronco and Ford Pass Rewards

In an ongoing effort to ease the pain and frustration of the delays related to the all-new 2021 Bronco launch, the blue oval has provided 20,000 Ford Pass Rewards Bonus Points, on top of the 42,000 awarded with any new vehicle purchase. These bonus points were given to Bronco reservationists as of December 15, 2020 who ordered and ultimately take delivery of a new Bronco.

In addition, an impressive 200,000 FPR –– you read that correctly –– Bonus Points were issued to select Bronco order holders impacted by the delayed availability of both the black painted modular hard top and dual top roof. This delay pushed the options to the 2022 model year, forcing those who don’t want to wait to take delivery of a 2021 model without these options. Using the math above of 42,000 FPR points = $210, this comes out to $1,000.

What can I do with Ford Pass Rewards?

FordPass Rewards Bonus Points are available for immediate use at the time of the delivery of your new Bronco (the standard 42,000 points will continue to arrive in accounts a few days after vehicle purchase). Bonus Points are deposited and available at delivery for the purchase of select items:

  • Reduce the retail cost of your new Bronco
  • Bronco accessories installed at the dealer
  • Ford Protect (select contracts)
  • Motorcraft or Omnicraft parts, and related labor (including body shop repairs)
  • Purchase/lease of a future vehicle (new or Ford Blue Advantage)
  • Ford-branded parts purchased at a Ford dealer

How can a customer redeem FordPass Rewards Points on accessories or parts?

Accessories purchased at time of vehicle sale are often added to the purchase price of the new vehicle. Your dealer can redeem available FPR Points values (including those from Bronco offers) and discount the purchase price for the amount that was redeemed.

If a customer prefers to not have their accessories bundled into the vehicle purchase, FPR Points can be applied to a new Work/Repair Order that reflects which accessories and parts a customer would like to have ordered and installed.

Do FordPass Rewards Points expire?

Yes. FordPass Rewards Point balances expire and are forfeited when a member has not earned Points, redeemed Points or fulfilled a reward earned through FordPass Rewards for 365 consecutive calendar days. App usage does not qualify as activity needed to keep Points from expiring.

How do I check my balance?

Members can see FordPass Rewards Points balances when logged in to their account or in the FordPass App under the Account tab. The dealer can also look up the balance.


How will you use your FordPass Rewards points? Head over to the forums and let us know!

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