Ford Froze a Bronco for the Holidays

December 17, 2020
By: The Bronco Nation

Recreating old photos is fun. Now, say you had an old photo of a frozen Bronco from 1968 in your archives that seems to have never been used. It’s a cool photo and you just happen to be launching an all new version of the truck from that photo. What do you do?

Well, Ford grabbed Santa, some presents, a super cold testing facility, and a 2021 Ford Bronco and decided to relive some memories. Bronco Nation was there to see it and we made a behind the scenes video showing how it was done. Check it out below.

The TEFP is a big freezer that Ford uses to test the cold weather durability of their vehicles. For example, they freeze them and then shake them to see how the cold affects the fit and finish of their products. The victim for this photo was a Sasquatch Package equipped, 2-Door Outer Banks in Race Red.

According to Ford, the photo that was recreated was originally intended for Ford World, an internal company publication. Ted Ryan, Ford Heritage and Archives manager, found the photo but couldn’t find where it had been used or published. From there, the Bronco team decided that recreating the photo would be the perfect holiday card for the Bronco community. Enjoy our behind the scenes look at this fun and festive call back to Bronco history.

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