Bronco Off-Roadeo Location Announcement

December 14, 2020
By: The Bronco Nation

The moment we’ve all been waiting for: Ford just recently confirmed the location of all four Bronco Off-Roadeo events. Each epic destination will be home to an unforgettable experience designed to build the off-road resume of new Bronco owners. Whether they’re new to off-roading or a grizzled veteran of the trails, professional off-road driving instructions will teach you know everything you need to know to take full advantage of everything your Bronco can do.

Where is it?

Texas: Steep hills, red rocks, and craggy ledges underneath a big Texas sky. Located in a private adventure park just an hour outside of Austin, drivers will have a change to tackle the kind of gnarled terrain where the Bronco shines.

Utah: Everybody knows what a great destination Moab is for anyone interested in living life off road. The backdrop for countless classic western films, a weekend spent in your Bronco here is nothing short of cinematic.

Vermont: Attend the rugged Vermont Off-Roadeo to learn just why they call it the Green Mountain State. Traversing the winding paths through the state’s forests is like traveling through a snapshot of American history, complete with charming red barns and little towns anchored by a general store.

Nevada: Feel the dry desert air while you conquer side tilts and rock shelves through miles of public trails between The Great Basic and Mojave desert. Just a short drive outside of Las Vegas, but feels like the surface of Mars.

Everyone who’s ordered a Bronco—or Bronco Sport Badlands or Bronco Sport First Edition—is invited for this once-in-a-lifetime event. Taking place over two days, the Off-Roadeo team will welcome you into the Bronco community and help you build the foundational skills to keep you enjoying the great outdoors for years to come.

Time behind the wheel will showcase the Bronco’s thrilling high-speed off-road performance, alongside more unique features like 1-Pedal Drive, 4×4 capability, and how to take full advantage of G.O.A.T. mode. Drivers will be able to choose from different trails appropriate for their skill level.


Bronco Off-Roadeo is slated to begin this Summer, but stay tuned for confirmation as the season approaches.

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