Bronco Accessories Catalogue

January 13, 2021
By: The Bronco Nation

Ford promised an extensive accessories catalogue for Bronco and we’ve just gotten our first look at the price list. It’s a large list, over 280 items in total. Stand out accessory options include the twill soft top for the Bronco 2-Door from Bestop, an additional roof top tent option from Tepui, and the swing gate table by Tuffy.

Here’s some of our thoughts on the options:

  • The 2-Door soft top accessory is the only option for a full, weatherproof soft top for 2-Door.
  • The Best option for 4-Door might be a great way to reproduce the dual top option that’s fallen into the late availability category, expected to be available in late summer 2021.
  • The taller gear ratios mean that Bronco owners that want to go with larger tire sizes have an option for gear ratios higher than 4.7:1.
  • Several options are production parts that can’t be added at order, like the trailer hitch and the roof racks.
    These are marked as kit OE.

Prices range from $16 for a Bronco branded hitch plug all the way to $2,276 for a Rear Axle Assembly. There are 185 items that seem to have final pricing and a further 53 items that are listed with a range of prices that don’t seem to be finalized, the JBL soundbars being some of that fall into that category. Bringing up the rear of the list are 47 items that don’t have a range and their prices are simply marked as TBD. Several standouts are in the latter group, a 47QT ARB fridge, and skid plate for the tow package piqued our interest as something to look forward to.

Notably absent, as far as we can tell, is the Bring Your Own Device Rail. The item was highly touted by Ford representatives early in the Bronco launch as well as being featured in several of the display units. It could be that Ford has other plans for the option.

Finally, here are a few definitions here for those who aren’t fluent in Fordspeak.

  • FOA means that the item is Ford engineered and Ford proprietary
  • FLA means that the item is made by other suppliers but with testing done to ensure a good fit
  • FPP could be either of the above but is enthusiast/performance focused

Do you have some accessories that you’re excited about? Let us know which ones you can’t wait to see on your Bronco in the Forums!

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