Black Onyx First Edition Interior No Longer Late Availability

April 16, 2021
By: Laura Zielinski

By @Laura #1976

Today, April 16, Ford has announced that the Black Onyx interior for the First Edition Bronco has received early approval. Previously, the all-black interior was announced as a late availability option, with only the Dark Space Gray with Navy Pier interior available for 2021.

As a result, customer orders made up of available options have begun to schedule for June 2021 production.

Orders that would not be available to be scheduled would include the modular hard top. To have your FE Black Onyx order ready for production, make sure your dealer has switched your top to the Molded-In-Color (MIC) top.

If you want the Black Onyx interior in your First Edition as well as the modular hard top, your Bronco order will not be available for production until 2022.






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