Badlands VS. Wildtrak: Which is for you?

March 26, 2021
By: The Bronco Nation

By @Laura #1976 

Many of you have already decided which Bronco you’re getting. Your lifestyle, the type of landscape surrounding you, and preferred engine/trans all probably weighed into your choice. Others want to shore up some details and pricing before converting reservations to orders. And even still, there will be new folks coming to our group who, at this very moment, may not even know they need a Bronco (new folks, when you arrive: welcome). We’re here to help.

The Badlands vs. Wildtrak debate is where many Bronco discussions begin. It is a comparison that’s rang loudly across the internet. Hums of sway-bar disconnect muddlement and carpeting yeas and nays filled the forum, and likely, circled the dinner table as partners gave input. Like all new Broncos, both models are highly capable. But which trim level and package make the most sense for you, especially considering you can equip them similarly?

The Build Summaries


Ford has stamped the Badlands for “Extreme Off-Roading.” The standard features include:

  • A 7-speed manual transmission
  • A 2.3L EcoBoost engine
  • Rear locking differential and 4.7 locking rear axle final drive ratio
  • Full vehicle steel bash plates
  • The heavy-duty modular front bumper (steel)
  • Rock rails
  • Rubberized, wash-out flooring

By adding the Sasquatch package, you get closer to the Wildtrak’s standard features. To note: You will lose the manual transmission, but gain:

  • Beadlock capable wheels
  • 35” mud-terrain tires

Add the Mid package on top of the Sasquatch, and you’re riding in comfort and style, with additional safety features such as:

  • Front row heated seats
  • Remote start
  • Reverse sensing system
  • Ford Co-Pilot 360


Now, on to owning a Wildtrak: the high-speed Baja-style off-roader. First, let’s look at it without package upgrades.

For starters, the Sasquatch package is standard on the Wildtrak. That means no opportunity for the 7-speed manual transmission. You are also giving up rubberized flooring, skid plates (can be optioned, however) and rock rails.

Your vehicle will come equipped with carpet and cloth seats (instead of the standard Badlands Marine-Grade Vinyl).

Additionally, all Wildtraks come standard with:

  • The larger 2.7L EcoBoost Engine
  • Beadlock capable wheels
  • 35” tires

Also standard on the Wildtrak are similar goodies of the Badlands Mid package including:

  • Front row heated seats
  • Remote start
  • Reverse sensing system
  • Ford Co-Pilot 360

The Vehicle Usage 

A Sasquatched Mid Badlands gives you a lot of options. The rubberized flooring means it’s great for mud, wooded trails, and grime —simply hose it out when you’re done. Rock rails protect your vehicle when crawling, and the stabilizer bar disconnect option means you probably will be out doing so.

A standard Wildtrak won’t leave you hurting off-road, by any means. It’s an excellent choice for dry terrains and dunes. However, unless you’re investing in some good floor mats, your carpet will take a beating in wet, dirty situations. You get the more powerful engine, but no manual transmission option.

The Pricing 



A 2-door Badlands starts at $42,095. Add on the Sasquatch and Mid packages, and you’re up to $49,820. Figuring approximately $5,000 down, 5% interest, and 60 months, that breaks down to a monthly payment of $836. Make it a 4-door, and you’re at about $878 a month.


For a 2-door Wildtrak, your starting price is $46,980. With similar financing options, that’s a monthly payment of $824. The 4-door starts at $49,475, which brings a monthly payment of $866. Both the 2- and 4-door models end up being slightly less expensive than a similarly equipped Badlands.

The Deal-Decider 

So there you have it: some of the key factors into why you may want to go with one model over the other. Take what’s most important to you from the lists, and build your Bronco. And remember, when in doubt, you can always mod it out.  

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