A Built Wild Innovative Design: Ford Bronco Prewired Upfitter Switches

May 06, 2021
By: @Laura #1976

The 2021 Ford Bronco 2- and 4-door SUVs offer six prewired upfitter switches and five electrical harnesses for easy customization. These factory-installed features go hand-in-hand with the modularity of the Bronco –– Ford wants you to be able to make this vehicle fully your own.

Standard on the Black Diamond, Wildtrak, Badlands, and First Edition trim levels (and optional on the Base, Big Bend, and Outer Banks), the overhead auxiliary switches and wired connection points make adding pod lights, lightbars, refrigerators, and off-road gear like compressors relatively simple.

You will find one connection point in the front of the vehicle for bumper light bars, another as a glovebox connection point for accessories and/or rear harness connection, an A-pillar point for lights, and one connection in the cargo area.

In March, we ran a how-to article on wiring items, complete with tools to use and steps to follow. You can also watch the short Bronco Nation video “2021 Ford Bronco Auxiliary Switches” to see the directions in motion.


Wiring can be annoying –– sometimes, a pure nightmare, as those who buy used vehicles may have found. Former owners tend to be creative, to put it politely. Luckily, Ford eliminated much of any wiring hassles with this OEM setup. With it, you avoid having to find a spot to comfortably place switches, since these are installed right out of the gate. You’ll also escape any cutting through the firewall, as well as limited need to drill.

This is great, because while many off-road enthusiasts will pull out the grinder for a fender chop or bumper trim based on a whim and without hesitation, drilling through the top of a vehicle causes more people to stop and develop a plan. Why? Owners fear messing things up and getting a leak. We talked with Bronco Brand Manager Esteban about how common this very concern is while at Super Celebration (East) 2021. But as Jon demonstrates in the video above and Esteban reiterated at the show, it really is easy, and Ford intended for you to be able to do this. The hardest part? Deciding which accessories to purchase and add!

Find more talk surrounding the switches and accessory additions in the forums.

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