2021 Ford Bronco Conquers Moab Top Of The World Trail

April 14, 2021
By: Laura Zielinski

By @Laura #1976

Vaughn Gittin Jr., Loren Healy, and their team put a 2021 Ford Bronco through the paces in Moab, Utah on the Top of the World trail.

The 4-door Badlands with stock suspension was nearly straight from the factory (minus the RTR wheels and Nitto tire combo Vaughn loves). Sure, Gittin Jr. and Healy are professional drivers, but as you can see, the Bronco practically glides over the rocks and inclines.

Features like the Trail 1-Pedal drive, stabilizer bar disconnect, and electronic-locking front and rear differential helped get the team through the run, while the 360-degree camera displayed ridiculous views on the 12” screen as Healy inched forward at the top.

Wild? Yes, the apex is NOT for those who fear heights. Fun? Without a doubt. You can tell just from watching that taking a Bronco off road is a thrill. But most important for all: This trail run shows ease. Ford gave the Bronco exactly what it needs for pros to enjoy a day out and novices to get far, far away from the city districts and expressways of this world.

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