2021 Ford Bronco Black Diamond by 4WP Walk-Around Video

March 31, 2021
By: The Bronco Nation

By @Laura #1976

Let’s go straight to the point on this one: Wow. This 2021 concept Bronco, built by 4 Wheel Parts and showcased at Moab, is good looking and –– even more exciting to those planning on using their own Bronco hard –– equipped and fully protected for wheeling.

Matt has Ryan, drivetrain manager from 4WP’s engineering department, walk us through some highlights.

Additionally, classic bronco guru Todd Zuercher did a thorough job on the details of this vehicle –– a good fit for him since 4WP chose to use a retro styling with the removal of the stock fender flares, the Method wheels, and body decals. To fit 37s, 4WP knew they’d need to get 3”-3.5” of lift. Coilover springs have been used and control arms swapped out. For body armor, 4WP used five skid plates to cover what needed extra protection after feedback from trail runs at KoH. And powder-coated bumpers –– designed for clearance and technology integration –– and rails grace the front, sides, and rear of the vehicle. A rooftop tent sits upon an exoskeleton so both soft- and hard-top owners can enjoy.


Watch the video, and share your thoughts on YouTube or in the forums. You can check out 4WP’s Bronco page for parts and accessories available even before your Bronco shows up.

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